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wasr magazines

Question: I have a Romanian WASR-10 that accepts single stack clips. A friend gave me an old ak47 clip that's double stack, obviously doesn't fit.
What mags fit best in the WASR-10 rifle Does the Tapco Mag work well for you? I have heard only bad things so far.
Question: Polymer mags fit tight in my WASR 10 mag well, but steel mags flop around (I dont even know how well a drum mag might fit) - I hear the steel mags are more
20.05.2008  As anybody who has done any research into their AK style rifle has found out, Romanian WASR-10 rifles are imported as single stack magazine capable rifles
Review of the TAPCO Intrafuse 10rd AK-47 (AK / AKM) Magazine for use with the Romanian WASR-10 AKM (AK-47).

wasr magazines

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    So I bought my first AK-47 at a gun show recently, and it's a WASR 10/63. It came with two magazines, one metal and one Tapco polymer, and both fit

    wasr magazines

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